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Ph: 902 449 1993


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Hi!, Bula!, Hola!, Salut!, Namaste!, Wah Gwaan! Pura Vida!, Jambo!

My name is Lori Taylor - ONE COMPASSIONATE


Lori has a deep desire to be of service to the world. She is available to travel anywhere to offer Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Fitness, Energy Balancing, Nature experiences.

Lori has been teaching Fitness, Health, Wellness and Nature experiences, since 1996.

She holds many certifications including 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher, 100 hour Warrior training (Trauma sensitive/informed), Mindfulness Meditation, Canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist, Reiki, Munay Ki Healing Rites

Lori also has received many T-shirts from Athletic events and achievements, such as Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, running Edinburgh Marathon, completing several 24 hour Adventure races, Instructor Leadership Development training with Outward Bound  Canada. 

Lori's love of laughter: and living life fully, has taken her to meet mountains (Andes, Machu Picchu, Rockies, Himalayas, Kilimanjaro), oceans, trees, animals and people, all over the world.

She has spent much Spiritual time in Sacred spaces and temples in India, Bali, Cambodia and Belize. 

Lori has taught Yoga and Meditation; and, hosted Retreats at home in Nova Scotia, Canada as well as Internationally in Fiji, Belize, Jamaica, Costa Rica.

Nature; in all of its forms, is a vital part of Lori's day to day life, her teaching environment, her personal healing space, her connection to inner peace, gratitude and joy.

Lori draws on a wealth of expertise and life experience to guide others towards better body, mind, heart and soul health.

Lori invites you on a journey of self awareness, cleansing and transformation. Shift past the past. Create your future now!

2022 Blessings from Lori ❤ 

I have 26 years of professional experience,  as a personal fitness trainer.  Over the years, my passion in Transformation has expanded to hold space; and, be a Teacher  for Everyone; of all backgrounds and ages. Through my own personal Transformation,  I was guided to balance all the years of Intensity training; and, learn other modalities of working with the body, mind and spirit. 

I have traveled the World to learn; and to bring healing traditions; snd their wisdom, to others. As an Experienced  Trauma informed Yoga Teacher,  my passion is to help people feel well. Nature is my studio as Mother Earth is a space and place, without walls. I love to teach outdoors; whether we are Forest-bathing, practicing Yoga, Reiki,  Meditating, holding Sacred Circle, offering Ceremony  or creating Experiential Retreats.

I am a Divine Earth Advocate; and a Munay ki Initiator.i am here on Earth; to be a Transformational Guide; and, to bring connection to Pachamama; and Divine Feminine Rising,  to the front and centre.

It will be my highest honour to walk with you; on this path of Transformation,  as we alchemize and harmonize ourselves; and the Divine Earth we live on.

I am here to laugh, dance, play, learn,  experience, and  love Nature.

It is my sacred duty to be of Service.  Please get in touch to create ways to live a Magical,  Extraordinary Life.